Lux and Friends

#45: Neuroscience @ Work. With Dr. Helena Boschi

April 28, 2022 Season 3 Episode 45
Lux and Friends
#45: Neuroscience @ Work. With Dr. Helena Boschi
Show Notes

The title of this podcast is Neuroscience at Work, and I had the immense pleasure of interviewing, for the second time, Dr. Helena Boschi, an organisational psychologist, a neuroscience expert and the author of the unmissable book Why we do what we do.

This conversation with Dr. Boschi is a fascinating journey into our brain. 

Listening to it, you will understand what attracts people to luxury and what drives buying decisions at large.

You will learn how your brain copes with the information overflow we all experience today, and how sleep contributes to your wellbeing and the wellbeing of your brain.

You’ll discover why human beings hate being wrong, and what are the consequences in real life.

If you work in a company that has introduced personality tests in their hiring process, you will discover how they may affect the environment and the company culture.

This, and much more, awaits you in the minutes that follow.