Lux and Friends

#48: Bring humanity back to business. With Janelle Estes, Author of User Tested

June 09, 2022 Carlo Pignataro Season 3 Episode 48
Lux and Friends
#48: Bring humanity back to business. With Janelle Estes, Author of User Tested
Show Notes

Today’s podcast is all about bringing humanity back to business!

It is about putting customers back into the center of your business model

 Data alone can’t help you understand and empathize with your customers.” says my guest Janelle Estes, co-author of the newly released book User Tested.

“No amount of data will take you inside your customers’’ heads, help you see the world through their eyes, or let you experience what it’s really like to be your customer. Only human insight from real people can do that.”

Listening to this episode, you’ll learn tested methodologies to trigger that type of customer feedback that makes your new products, collections, or campaigns in line with their expectations and perhaps beyond them.

You’ll hear Janelle share success stories, and a few failures, and as you’ll listen, you’ll figure how your company can start today to finally hear your customers’ voice.

User Tested gives both individual contributors and executives an approachable, pragmatic playbook for stepping beyond standard business metrics and infusing real human insight into every business decision, design, and experience.

In this book, you’ll:

  • Learn how businesses became obsessed with data—but disconnected from their customers—and why that’s not sustainable
  • Get the basics about how to capture human insight through user testing, including how to find the right people, ask the right questions, and make sense of and act on all the insights you uncover
  • Dive into a detailed playbook that shares real-world examples of how you can collect and scale human insight across the teams in your organization—from marketing to product, and beyond
  • Learn how to evangelize the power of human insight throughout your organization, so every department can create a culture of customer empathy and share a firsthand understanding of customer needs
  • Find out how companies like Microsoft, AAA Club Alliance, HelloFresh, and Notre Dame’s IDEA Center solidly connect with and elicit meaningful feedback from customers in friendlier, faster, and more direct ways

Perfect for any industry, User Tested: How the World's Top Companies Use Human Insight to Create Great Experiences was co-authored by the chief insights officer and the CEO of UserTesting—a SaaS company fundamentally changing the way both B2B and consumer brands find out what real people think and feel. The book reflects the authors’ commitment to helping you position the customer squarely in the center of your business model by weaving their true voices throughout your company’s decision making.