Lux and Friends

#51: Permanent Reinvention. With Aidan McCullen

July 20, 2022 Season 3 Episode 51
Lux and Friends
#51: Permanent Reinvention. With Aidan McCullen
Show Notes

The focus of this episode of Lux and Friends is Permanent Reinvention, the one thing we (individuals and organizations)all need. That we all somehow do, and that we all fear.

In nature, change is inevitable. Organisms either change or die.
And yet, the human brain is resistant to change despite all evidence would suggest it is vital to one’s survival.

My guest of today is Aidan McCullen, author of the best-selling book Undistruptable, A Mindset of Permanent Reinvention for Individuals, Organisations and Life.

Aidan’s career is a manifesto for change and reinvention.

A former professional rugby player the Irish National team, he is the host of the Innovation Show, a world class podcast featuring some of the world’s leading thought leaders, and a corporate consultant and change maker/ Aidan McCullen’s speciality is to help people and organization see the blind spots that prevent their growth, and their transformation.

Aidan says “you cannot innovate unless you develop a mindset of permanent reinvention. A mindset that fosters psychological safety, that celebrates mistakes and looks at change as the most natural, inevitable thing in life”. 

This episode is dense with wisdom, best practices, and methodologies that will help you transform yourself and your business to meet the challenges of an increasingly VUCA world.

You will enjoy listening to this interview with Aidan McCullen because he’s a superb storyteller and stories, as you certainly know, speak to the brain and the heart of people.