Lux and Friends

EP. #31: Financial Freedom. With the 7 Dollar Millionaire

March 15, 2021 Season 2 Episode 31
Lux and Friends
EP. #31: Financial Freedom. With the 7 Dollar Millionaire
Show Notes

The topic of today’s podcast is personal finance, and also financial education and also financial freedom.

Yes, I am talking about freedom because there are two ways to go about money, we can either work for it for the rest of our lives, or make it work for us as early as possible and live a life in which money is no longer something to worry about.

Wouldn’t this be just great?

And what if I tell you  there’s a simple formula you can use to become financially free, that accumulating 25X your annual spending would set you free for life, and that by saving only 7 dollars a day, you will become a millionaire at the end of a 50 year career?

If that sounds too good to be true, I encourage you to keep listening to this episode of LUX & TECH.

My guest, my special guest today is well known in the world of financial education with the nickname The 7 Dollar Millionaire.

He is the author of the incredible book “Happy ever after”,initially written to help his young daughter navigate life without financial pressure,  which is at the same time a fairy tale teaching the power of saving and investing, and a practical guide to help you gain the freedom money can buy.

The 7 Dollar Millionaire is a fund manager by profession, one who manages billion dollar deals, and at the same time a man on a mission to make financial literacy available to as many people as possible, so as to make the world a place with less inequality, and more, many more millionnaires.