Lux and Friends

EP. #33 Virtual Sales Meetings with Mante Kvedare, Author "The Virtual Sales Handbook"

March 30, 2021 Season 2 Episode 33
Lux and Friends
EP. #33 Virtual Sales Meetings with Mante Kvedare, Author "The Virtual Sales Handbook"
Show Notes

The topic of today’s podcast is Virtual Sales Meetings, as if our lives were not filled enough with virtual events…..and yet there is much to gain from leveraging the opportunity to meet new and old customers online that I wanted to know more about it, and share with you, my dearest listeners, the world’s best practices.

Let’s start from saying that, if you and your business are not equipped yet to engage in virtual business development activities, well, the clock is ticking and you have to quickly adapt to it.

An increasing number of clients are already willing to meet you virtually and the good news is that you can do it creatively, at scale, and without necessarily losing the human elements, that beautiful ability to build rapport, which made you successful in the past.

The virtual space is where you can meet new and old customers from the comfort of both your houses, the place where you can invite colleagues, stakeholders, and endorsers to help you deliver more value, it's a way to increase efficiency, minimize downtime, and stop polluting the world.

In fact, corporate travelling is both an alarming source of co2 emissions, and the cause so many professionals around the world suffer severe consequences of stress.

I am delighted to discuss the subject with Mante Kvedare, Partner at Implement Consulting Group and the co-Author of the book “The Virtual Sales Handbook”. 

For the last 10 years, Mante has been supporting leading international organisations in commercial transformations; both as a trusted advisor to the C-suite, and leading sales and marketing teams hands-on.

During the last year alone, she has coached over 1000 global commercial managers on how to navigate and reap the commercial benefits of our newly fully virtual world, and so who better than her would help us succeed in our Virtual Sales Meetings?