Lux and Friends

EP. #35 Business Transformation, with futurist and best-selling author Peter Fisk

April 11, 2021 Peter Fisk Season 2 Episode 35
Lux and Friends
EP. #35 Business Transformation, with futurist and best-selling author Peter Fisk
Show Notes

The topic of today’s podcast is Business Transformation, a trip into the future with one of the world’s leading futurists, Peter Fisk.

Corporate leaders, says Peter, spend way too much time thinking about the past, looking at past performance, trying to replicate what made their company successful forgetting that the future is complex, unpredictable, fast coming, and there to be created.

What if they’d choose to spend their time imagining, inventing their future instead?

In this interview, Peter and I will discuss the content of his latest book titled Business Recoded: Have the Courage to Create a Better Future for Yourself and Your Business, which is a comprehensive guide to business transformation full of data, case histories, and an array of 7 shifts, and 49 codes you can use to transform your business and make it relevant for years to come.

From embracing megatrends, like an Aging world, Booming asia, Cognitive technologies, Dense living, and Eco-renewal, to understanding the strategic role network businesses do play in today’s economy, this interview will provide you with knowledge and inspiration.

You will hear stories of courageous leaders who disrupted entire industries, and by getting to know their journey, you will discover not only the strategies which made them succeed, but also the traits of their leadership…..and because the world has changed, and is still changing so fast, so does leadership.

My guest Peter Fisk is also the author of many more best sell”ing books such as: “Gamechangers” Marketing Genius“ “People Planet Profit”, ”Customer Genius“,  “Business “Genius Creative Genius”.

He is an expert consultant to Fortune 500 Companies in four continents, and a speaker with the rare ability to make his audience see a future full of opportunities, which may not necessarily resemble their past.