Lux and Friends

EP. #38: CLIENT RELATIONSHIP with author and psychotherapist Paul Cowan

May 05, 2021 Paul Cowan, Carlo Pignataro Season 2 Episode 38
Lux and Friends
EP. #38: CLIENT RELATIONSHIP with author and psychotherapist Paul Cowan
Show Notes

The subject of today’s podcast is the importance of building strong and meaningful relationships at work and in life.

Easier said than done, you may say, for human beings are complex machines and all wired differently.

There is always a Problem A and a Problem B in every relationship, says my guest of today Paul Cowan, the author of the book “ “Connecting with Clients: For stronger, more rewarding and longer-lasting client relationships”

Problem A is the task at hand, the very issue or subject which needs to be addressed with a particular client whereas Problem B is the relationship or even better, the client’s experience of the relationship.

To focus entirely on problem A, on the delivery of a product or a service,on the output neglecting to invest time and resources in the relationship so as to enhance the customer experience of the delivery, is a mistake.

And relationship is such a dynamic concept which first and foremost requires commitment and an understanding of what makes human beings connect and trust each other.

Paul Cowan is a psychotherapist,  and also a successful entrepreneur in the fields of marketing and advertising. 

He runs CRS Customer Relationship Consultancy, a global firm which helps businesses strengthen the relationships with their clientele, and in the incredibly informative and inspiring interview that follows you will learn strategies that will help you grow your business, and also principles like the Ego State, the Jahary window, like Already Listening that will make you think about the way you and other people make decisions and communicate.

And then you’ll be inspired to nurture and grow your relationships with your clients, stakeholders, and the people around you.